Expanded Access Policy

Issued February 2024

Spur Therapeutics is a clinical-stage company committed to bringing safe and effective gene therapies to people living with chronic, debilitating diseases. To meet the needs of patients and their families we aim to serve, we are working with a sense of urgency to discover and develop new medicines as quickly as possible, following a rigorous clinical research and regulatory process. We believe that carefully designed clinical trials, conducted in partnership with researchers, physicians, patients, and global regulators, are the most appropriate way to ensure broad access to our investigational medicines for the patients who need them around the world.

We understand that some patients with life-threatening or debilitating diseases may be interested in accessing investigational medicines prior to regulatory approval and outside of clinical trials through requests for expanded access (also called "early access" or "compassionate use"). Spur does not offer programs that allow access to our investigational medicines prior to regulatory approval anywhere in the world at this time. Participation in a clinical trial to collect safety and efficacy data is the only way to access our investigational medicines.

Information about our clinical trial can be found on our website, www.spurtherapeutics.com. Requests for additional information about our expanded access policy or clinical trials should be sent by a patient’s healthcare provider to clinicaltrials@spurtherapeutics.com. We anticipate acknowledging receipt of your message within approximately five business days.

Spur Therapeutics reserves the right to revise this policy at any time.